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Larry Mabry is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker for 27 years. Larry has been an
adjunct professor at Florida Atlantic University and a Field Intern Supervisor for the
following universities: Palm Beach Atlantic, Barry, Florida Atlantic, and Nova
Southeastern Universities. Larry was chosen as the Employee Assistance Therapist for
the St. Louis Cardinals Farm System from 2003 to 2012. Larry has worked as a primary
therapist in the now Jerome Golden Hospital and many other prestigious treatment
centers all over South Florida and private practice for 16 years. He has been a Specialist
for Palm Beach County’s Crisis Intervention Team often helping victims aid in recovery
as well as being a treatment professional and expert witness in many South Florida cases.
Larry is one of the few specialists in Gestalt Empty Chair therapy in the nation. He was
trained by John Heider, PHD who was trained by Fritz Perls, the creator of Gestalt
Therapy. Larry trained with John for 17 years, often even flying to Kansas to do so until
his death. Larry is passionate about Gestalt because he has seen so much success with it.
Larry has seen how clients who are able to make great strides in their recovery when they
encounter their trauma, their addictive self, or their inner child. This is also extremely
effective in working with clients who have issues with anger, trauma, been sexually
abused or sexually traumatized.  His experience in using this method has helped countless
clients, many of whom suffer from substance dependency get to their core issues of why
they started using drugs and alcohol in the first place. He is also well versed in using
CBT and DBT techniques by integrating them into the client's Twelve Steps.  Larry has
an intuitive sensitivity to his clients’ needs by realizing what is not being said.

LARRY MABRY, LCSW Primary Therapist Ebb Tide