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Symptoms of PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder)

  • March 13, 2020
  • Posted in Blog

In our day to day lives, we experience various scary, shocking, and traumatizing events that affect our emotional wellbeing in one way or another. The intensity of the effect may be traumatic to individuals but may lessen with time as they heal or forget about the incident. Some people may find it challenging to get over traumatic situations and, therefore,[...] Read More

Addiction Treatment: Helping Your Spouse Find Treatment

Your relationship with your spouse should make you feel safe. Some couples may experience anxiety, depression, stress, and unhappiness as they cope with being with an addict. Marriages that have a partner that is an addict may end in a breakup. Statistics show that addiction ranks 6th among the leading causes of divorce in America. Separation happens even to a[...] Read More

Signs of Heroin Dependency, Intervention and Treatment

Heroin was initially engineered to replace morphine, and morphine addiction patients used it to treat the symptoms. People discovered in the 20th century that heroin was, in fact, more addictive and displayed stronger withdrawal symptoms than morphine. Heroin was later outlawed in the United States in 1924. People often abuse heroin because it eliminates pain, gives you relaxed euphoria and[...] Read More

How Addiction Affects Your Family

Drug addiction has many challenges that face close to 25 million addicts in America. Some addicts struggle to hold relationships with their loved ones. Their addiction makes them withdrawn from them and often leads to actions that harm the people close to them. One step they take in their recovery is to mend these bonds. It is natural to rebuild[...] Read More

Addiction Recovery: Managing Stress

The initial stages and low levels of stress are good for the body. The low levels of stress are a chemical reaction of the body to help prevent harmful situations. When the body reacts by releasing stress hormones when threatened, it is called a Stress Response. The stress response is also called fight or flight, which are the possible significant[...] Read More

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