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Drug Testing in the Workplace. 6 Important Things You Need To Know 

The general perception that drug users are street kids and people living in untidy flats can never be far from the truth. There has been an upsurge in the number of employed US citizens that are active drug users. People use drugs secretly either in their discreet locations in the workplace or on their way to the workplace.   This[...] Read More

Drug Test Detection Times. How Long Can a Drug  Stay in Your Body?

  • August 6, 2019
  • Posted in Addiction

Currently, only a few people can answer this question. This is because of the large amount of contradicting information out there. We need accurate information for instances such as employment drug tests, adherence to doctor’s instruction, or to gather knowledge. This is a guide to us understand Drug screening, the various types of drug tests and detection period for various[...] Read More

Which Commonly Used Substances Are Likely to Cause a False Positive?

Which Commonly Used Substances Are Likely to Cause a False Positive? Have you been asked to provide a biological sample for drug screening? A positive drug test can have some undesirable repercussions. Your boss may use it to suspend or fire you; it may ruin your reputation or even bar you from participating in various activities such as sporting activities.[...] Read More

Why You Should Stage an Intervention for Your Loved One with Addiction

Staging an Intervention If you suspect that a loved one may have a substance abuse problem; there is no time to waste.  There are innumerable mental and physical risks associated with unchecked alcohol and drug abuse. The most immediately concerning is the potential for a fatal overdose. (more…)

Synthetic Marijuana Use on the Rise

Synthetic Marijuana As the drive to legalize cannabis heats up, so has the synthetic marijuana trend. Trailing closely behind plant-based marijuana, this synthetic copy-cat is recognized as the second most abused drug among teens today. (more…)

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