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Drug addiction, now more appropriately termed Substance Use Disorder (SUD) is one of the greatest challenges facing the world today. Every year, tens of thousands of people die from fatal overdoses. Aside from the staggering overdose numbers, individuals struggling under the weight of this illness are likely to develop other physical and mental health issues, and are more prone to accidents. The destructive impact of this heart wrenching disease has ramifications for the suffering individuals, families, the healthcare system, schools, the economy, criminal justice and society as a whole. As stated, drug addiction, or SUD, does not only affect the person battling the disorder. Addiction is a family disease that tears loved ones apart. Fortunately, there is a solution – effective addiction treatment.  To get help and support call us at 561-799-3680 or contact us. 

What is Drug Addiction?

It is estimated that over 20 million Americans over the age of 12 struggle with addiction to a alcohol and/or drugs, and this number excludes tobacco.  Those who suffer from addiction are bodily and mentally unlike from most other people, meaning they react differently to drugs and alcohol. Those who suffer from addiction have an intense craving, triggered when these substances enter the body, making it difficult, sometimes impossible, for the person to stop once they start. These individuals also suffer from a mental obsession, which causes them to use compulsively, without regard to the consequences and despite the problems that it may be causing. It is not a matter of willpower. Addiction is classified as a disease by the American Medical Association (AMA). The reality is that alcoholics suffer from a chronic disease of the mind and an addiction treatment center can help the alcoholic to recover.  Get Help Now! Call 844.430.4357

One common characteristic of the disease of addiction is that the suffering individuals are often unable to see the problem, or comprehend its significance. That is the cunning and baffling nature of the illness. The disease wants the addict or alcoholic to believe that the problem not exist. Unfortunately, a common belief or misconception is that the addict has to lose a job, a spouse and support of loved ones, go to jail or endure serious consequences before they are ready for help. This not the case. If life has started to become difficult or unmanageable, it does not have to be that way. Addiction treatment in at Ebb Tide Treatment Centers can be an effective solution to the problem.

Addiction Treatment to Overcome Your Addiction to Drugs

It is safe to say that nobody wants to become a drug addict, or someone struggling with Substance Use Disorder. Who among us would aspire to such heartbreak and difficulty. It just happens, and it is not a moral failing or a matter of choice. Whether and individual is genetically predisposed to the disease or used to the point of becoming physically and emotionally dependent, we at Ebb Tide want to help. In treatment, individual and group therapy are utilized to help every individual learn the underlying factors contributing to the their addiction.  Once an individual is able to acknowledge these issues or “triggers,” they can begin learning techniques and skills which will help overcome and avoid these pitfalls.

Ebb Tide Treatment Centers provides addiction treatment services that help bridge the gap between treatment and recovery. Getting clean and sober is the first part, but staying in recovery can be a challenge. However, it is in sustained recovery that the rewards and benefits will truly be apparent. Therefore, we want to provide every client with a foundation in recovery and the necessary life skills to propel and assist them throughout a lifetime of recovery. When clients come to Ebb Tide Treatment Centers, our objective is to have them leave with a newfound sense of confidence and the belief that they never use again. Call us today at at 844-430-4357.