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Generally, when clients enter treatment for alcohol and substance use disorder (addiction), they simply want to get clean and sober. The issue with addiction, however, is that drugs and alcohol are only a symptom of the problem. A common misconception about addiction is that once alcohol and drugs are eliminated from the picture, everything will be fine. Often, this is not the case. Individual and group therapy may help uncover, and address, a variety of underlying issues, thus enabling individuals struggling with behavioral health issues and substance use disorder to truly recover from what, for them, may appear a seemingly hopeless state. To get help and support call us at 561-799-3680 or contact us.

Recovery Model

Ebb Tide Treatment Centers gender specific facilities and programs are designed to help our clients bridge the gap between treatment and recovery. This involves both individual and group therapy at our beautiful properties, where our objective is to prepare and propel our clients to an incredible life, free from drugs and alcohol. The problem, however, is that even after drugs and/or alcohol are removed from use, many individuals continue to struggle, because they are left with the same underlying issues. Issues that, in their mind, led them to use drugs and/or alcohol.

Whether it be family, career, school or traumatizing events from the past, it is important to understand how everyone is affected, so the client can acknowledge and overcome these so called “triggers’ and successfully transition back into the real world, outside of treatment, better equipped to avoid and prevent relapse.  Get Help Now! Call (844) 430-4357

One of the greatest lessons clients will learn at Ebb Tide Treatment Centers, is that although they are working on changing to become a better person, that does not mean that the rest of the world will change to suit them. Addiction treatment at Ebb Tide is meant to teach clients how to deal with life on life’s terms, without having to turn to alcohol and/or drugs, to cope. We provide both individual and group therapy sessions, because they each serve specific purposes that are beneficial to the client’s personal recovery.

Individual Therapy

Every person struggling with substance use disorder has their own individual story and distinct recovery path. Therefore, their treatment should be individualized as well. At Ebb Tide, we believe it is essential to make individual therapy sessions a part of each client’s addiction treatment plan. Clients will meet regularly with their own primary therapist, in a one-on-one environment, to discuss their personal history with drugs and/or alcohol. Ebb Tide Treatment Centers’ caring staff wants to provide every client with a safe space, where they feel comfortable “opening up” and you can receive the best treatment possible for substance use and behavioral health issues. We will help our clients to understand what may be triggering the cravings to drink or use, while offering suggestions about how to overcome these difficulties.

Benefits of Group Therapy in Addiction Treatment

A crucial part of everyone’s recovery is having a support group. Many addicts and alcoholics have surrounded themselves with other people who enjoy abusing drugs or alcohol. As a recovering addict, this can be the quickest path to relapse. In treatment, client’s will begin to build a support group of fellow recovering addicts/alcoholics. Some of these relationships will last you a lifetime. In treatment, clients will begin to realize that they are not alone their struggles, and that people in recovery can rely upon one another when they need help. One recovering addict and/or alcoholic helping another is one of the greatest forms of therapy and support that a recovering person can receive, and it is fundamental in recovery.
Let personal and group therapy guide you to a successful recovery. Call Ebb Tide Treatment Centers today at 844-430-4357 and let’s get started on a life free from the chains of addiction.