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Symptoms of PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder)

  • March 13, 2020
  • Posted in Blog

In our day to day lives, we experience various scary, shocking, and traumatizing events that affect our emotional wellbeing in one way or another. The intensity of the effect may be traumatic to individuals but may lessen with time as they heal or forget about the incident. Some people may find it challenging to get over traumatic situations and, therefore,[...] Read More

How Addiction Affects Your Family

Drug addiction has many challenges that face close to 25 million addicts in America. Some addicts struggle to hold relationships with their loved ones. Their addiction makes them withdrawn from them and often leads to actions that harm the people close to them. One step they take in their recovery is to mend these bonds. It is natural to rebuild[...] Read More

Why You Should Stage an Intervention for Your Loved One with Addiction

Staging an Intervention If you suspect that a loved one may have a substance abuse problem; there is no time to waste.  There are innumerable mental and physical risks associated with unchecked alcohol and drug abuse. The most immediately concerning is the potential for a fatal overdose. (more…)

Synthetic Marijuana Use on the Rise

Synthetic Marijuana As the drive to legalize cannabis heats up, so has the synthetic marijuana trend. Trailing closely behind plant-based marijuana, this synthetic copy-cat is recognized as the second most abused drug among teens today. (more…)

How to Ask for Help if You’re Struggling with Addiction

Addiction Treatment Breaking the habit of addiction is the one constant that separates recovery from a fatal overdose. But how do you ask for help? How do you admit that you have a substance abuse problem that you haven’t yet decided you even want to give up? (more…)