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10 Ways to Prevent Relapse

Many people think the only challenging part of dealing with an addiction is to stop using drugs. However, substance use disorder is a chronic illness. Once you stop using drugs, you begin the tricky part of managing your addiction. You are likely to return to using drugs after your rehabilitation. Statistics show that about 40 to 60 percent of Americans[...] Read More

Long Term Recovery: Family Therapy

Addiction treatment has multiple levels, and therapy is one of the strongest forms of addiction treatment. It helps prevent relapse and teaches people how to cope with the temptation to relapse. Therapy will also help you focus on recovery during rehabilitation, which makes the rehabilitation and recovery more beneficial. Fundamentals of Therapy: What is Therapy? Therapy is a form of[...] Read More

Addiction, Rehab, and Pregnancy

On most occasions, pregnancy is a jovial and exciting part of any woman’s life. There’s nothing like the joy that comes when you’re bringing your own into this world. As great as this may be for most women, it’s not all rosy for women struggling with addiction. Once a physician is presented with a pregnant woman, their primary aim is[...] Read More

Meth Addiction Treatment and Recovery

Methamphetamine, commonly known as Meth, is a party and recreational drug that acts to stimulate the nervous system and create a sort of ‘high.’ It was also commonly used in the medical field for treatment of obesity and hyperactivity as a second line mode of treatment. The use of meth usually starts as a trial activity, “Just to see how[...] Read More

10 Illegal Drugs That Used To Be Legal In The USA

Illegal drugs have been banned for the dangerous risks they present to those who abuse them. Some of these risks include addiction, health complications, unwanted side effects, social and legal problems. Each state has its own laws to regulate the usage of drugs. Culprits will receive legal punishment, which may vary from a warning to a jail sentence. However, in[...] Read More