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10 Illegal Drugs That Used To Be Legal In The USA

Illegal drugs have been banned for the dangerous risks they present to those who abuse them. Some of these risks include addiction, health complications, unwanted side effects, social and legal problems. Each state has its own laws to regulate the usage of drugs. Culprits will receive legal punishment, which may vary from a warning to […]

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Alcohol Withdrawal. What Are the Signs?

Alcohol consumption, and alcohol addiction more specifically, can have a number of problems for a person (not limited to the alcohol withdrawal symptoms which can be seen afterward). Unfortunately, for people living in the big modern cities, escaping from the presence of alcohol can be incredibly hard. This makes it an almost impossible task for […]

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What is Alcohol? Is Alcohol a Drug?

  • November 10, 2019
  • Posted in Alcohol

Many people find themselves a little bit confused about the question of, what is alcohol? There seems to be some puzzlement in our modern society surrounding what constitutes an alcoholic beverage and what doesn’t. In addition to this, there is also quite a lot of confusion about the nature and relationship between alcohol and drugs; […]

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Overcoming Alcohol Addiction. Alcohol Help.

What is Alcohol Addiction? Alcohol addiction is also referred to as alcoholism. Anyone can suffer from alcoholism.  There are various factors that could lead to alcoholism. These factors can be categorized into genetics, behavioral and psychological.  Alcoholism is an actual disease because it alters your neurochemistry and brain functions. Thus, an alcoholic has little control […]

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