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The word help written in cocaine with a razor blade.

How Long Does Cocaine Withdrawal Last?

HOW LONG DOES COCAINE WITHDRAWAL LAST? Although recreational cocaine users are usually not concerned about cocaine withdrawal symptoms or how long a cocaine withdrawal last, the addictive power of cocaine can be deceptive. Scientists at the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) suggest that cocaine is typically consumed in binges or through repeated use of the drug within a […]

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Young woman smoking cigarettes, drinking vodka and taking pill

Top 5 Most Deadly Abused Drugs and How Ebb Tide Can Help

TOP 5 MOST DEADLY ABUSED DRUGS The possibility of surviving a lethal drug overdose depends on a number of variables. Although people who dabble with recreational drugs may never overdose or survive one if it happens, individuals with an addiction to any one of the five deadly abused drugs may not escape unscathed. According to first responders, […]

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oxycoton Big blue pills spell the word help.

Using Medicated Assisted Treatment as a Treatment for Opioid Addiction

The Power of Opioids Medicated Assisted Treatment can be an effective treatment in helping overcome addiction and at Ebb Tide Treatment Centers, we believe treating the individual knowing not every person responds to the same treatment to overcome opioid addiction. Addiction occurs when a person begins using a drug having control over when and how much […]

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